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The park

The park surrounding the villa Cavrois was designed by Mallet-Stevens. Heir to the regular gardens of the XVIIᵉ century, the park's paths and water mirror offer an extension of the villa's lines and dimensions. In this way, it forms a veritable showcase that magnifies the building.

The garden

Originally extending over 5 hectares, more than half of the park's surface area was subdivided in the 1990s. Fortunately, the central section and the water mirror, the park's true point of balance, have been restored, enabling the composition and spirit of Mallet-Stevens's work to be rediscovered.

The 72-metre-long water mirror is an extension of the main hall and the circular driveway to the north. Too visible from the sky, the water mirror was filled in by the Germans during the villa's occupation. When the park was refurbished, it was brought back to light and fully restored.

Villa Cavrois, le parc depuis la villa

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

The circular driveway to the north

Designed to facilitate car traffic and guest drop-off, the circular drive contributes to the dramatization of access to the villa. From the gate in the corner of the property, visitors gradually discover the building's monumental façade. Guests disembark on the porch, while the driver continues along the circular driveway to make an elegant U-turn.

Villa Cavrois, vue d'ensemble nord ouest depuis l'entrée de la propriété

© Jean-Luc Paillé / Centre des monuments nationaux

The swimming pool

The 27-meter-long swimming pool is a sign of the property's modernity. It reflects the villa's focus on hygiene, health and sport. Along with gymnastics, swimming was an extremely popular sport between the wars.

Villa Cavrois, piscine

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

The rose garden and the vegetable garden

To the east of the park, Mallet-Stevens designed a rose garden in the tradition of classical gardens. An orchard, a vegetable garden and a henhouse supply the office. These elements of the park disappeared when the land was subdivided in the 1990s.

Vue aérienne de la Villa Cavrois

© Archives Cavrois - Droits réservés

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