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The water mirror

If there's one thing you shouldn't miss on your visit to the villa Cavrois, it's the breathtaking panorama offered by the water mirror!

An emblematic viewpoint on the south façade, the end of the water mirror offers an unobstructed view of the immensity of the park, helping visitors to grasp the total work of art designed by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. A popular "spotlight" for keen photographers, the location offers a panoramic view of the park's various layouts: its avenues and promenades, rose gardens and perfectly designed lawns.

Villa Cavrois, jardin côté sud et miroir d'eau vus du belvédère

© Jean-Christophe Ballot / Centre des monuments nationaux

Set theatrically at the water mirror, the villa dominates the garden with its different levels, amplifying the effect of perspective. Like classical castles, the modern château is adorned witha water mirror to reflect its façade and, at the same time, magnify it among the trees and vegetation of the park.

Villa Cavrois, façade sud depuis le miroir d'eau

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

Stretching out horizontally, the facade is arranged around a central body housing the main hall and recognizable by its masterful bay window. The two wings of the building are perfectly symmetrical. To the east, the white railings of the terraces and pool extend the architectural lines of the building, while to the west, the projecting awning on the second floor gives the building the appearance of an ocean liner.

Villa Cavrois, façade sud et piscine

© Jean-Luc Paillé / Centre des monuments nationaux

The central tower is the only vertical element in the ensemble. Creating a break in the marked horizontality of the volumes, it nevertheless offers a 360° view of the entire garden and the Beaumont hill. Resembling an airport control tower, it refers to the architect's past as an aviator during the Second World War. The only cylindrical element on the façade, it houses the grand staircase, which can be seen from behind a large vertical bay window, as well as a belvedere on the top floor, a round space with a circular window.

Do you recognize the modern château?

Villa Cavrois, baie vitrée de la cage d'escalier du belvédère

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

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