The Partners Club

The Partners Club of the Villa Cavrois is a group of companies engaged in the defence of a masterpiece of modernist architecture. 

Its members want to mark their attachment to their land, participate in the cultural impetus of the Nord region and join a dynamic entity, which will relay to the regional political, cultural and economic authorities the values of responsibility and solidarity supported by its members.

They also help to contribute to the influence of the Villa Cavrois by providing their expertise and thus develop close ties with the site and, more broadly, with the Centre des monuments nationaux. 


Since 1920, Rabot Dutilleul Construction practises a general business activity of construction and design of buildings such as homes, offices, shopping centres, hotels and schools, etc.
Rabot Dutilleul Construction contributes through financial support for artistic intervention by artist Jean-Sylvain Bieth presented in the villa from June to December 2015.

JCB is the Japanese leader and the world's 4th largest player in the payment card sector.
JCB has provided financial support for developing the digital visit tool for Villa Cavrois.

French producer of upholstery and wall coverings, the Casamance group creates and operates in the Nord region and offers a new vision of the world of decoration and French elegance. It provides its textile expertise to designing and making net curtains for the Villa Cavrois. 

A true institution in Lille, Meert cakes and pastries delighted the guests of the first reception of the Partners Club and the inauguration of the villa.

Origami is an intelligent design agency, which designed the communication spaces of the brands and companies, combining design, architecture and digital solutions to offer storytelling and new experiences to every visitor.
Origami uses its creative talent in designing the communication tools of the Partners Club of the Villa Cavrois.






Would you like further information on the Partners Club of the Villa Cavrois?

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